Our Action Matrix


Our Action Matrix

We work through research, advocacy and capacity building which is informed and reinforced by on-ground outreach. Our initiatives and projects provide an opportunity to enhance people-to-people and institutional contacts between India and her immediate and extended neighbors by forging a network of “Third Space” entities and organizations working on similar objectives. As a crucial enabler for cooperation and integration discourses in the region, we actively promote a better understanding of the cultural, ecological and socio-political issues of the North East Indian region that inform India’s “Act East Policy”.

We work across a matrix of 5 Focus Areas:

  •      -Ecology (Water)
  •      -Tourism
  •      -Connectivity & Trade
  •      -Culture
  •      -Education

and 5 themes:

  •      -Rivers
  •      -Borders
  •      -Livelihood
  •      -Youth
  •      -Communities

 This action matrix is informed by the overarching and dynamic discourses on geopolitics, climate change and gender.