Vision and Mission


Our Vision

A stable and prosperous Asia where ecology is honoured, diversity is celebrated, prosperity is shared, sovereignty is respected and boundaries become connectors.


Our Mission

Asian Confluence initiates, stimulates and accelerates revival of the shared civilizational values between the peoples of India and South East and East Asia in order to   strengthen our ecological, intellectual, economic, technological, political and security  ties, and thus ensure that we become  dependable and involved partners for the growth of all countries in emerging Asia.


Our Approach: Defining  and Empowering the “Third Space”  

In a rapidly changing global order, as Asia becomes the hotbed of opportunities as well as conflicts, the Eastern South Asia region has a crucial role of a connector, given its unique geo-political and historical positioning. For the region to fulfill this role, it is important that an ecosystem of sound political and commercial structures, along with human and spiritual values is nurtured.

Governments provide political and policy structures and businesses compliment with the economic and commercial counterparts. There is however a “Third Space” beyond such efforts which needs to be nurtured. The Third Space is essentially the human and spiritual connect. As a network of individuals, institutions and communities, it builds bridges of trust and creates votaries for win-win solutions beyond and across borders of states, identities and ideologies. 

The Asian Confluence as an institution aims to define and empower the ‘Third Space’ towards creating better understanding of the Eastern South Asian region in the larger context of the Indo Pacific and East Asian regions keeping the North Eastern region of India at the epicenter. We operate using the lens of the following two main viewpoints: 

-- The region as a confluence of ideas, interests, cultures, and civilisations;
-- The region as a confluence of geographies connected by the rivers and oceans. 

 Our call to action is to convert opportunities into collaborations and conflicts into confluence.