Sabyasachi Dutta

Executive Director
Asian confluence

Sabyasachi Dutta is the Founder-Director of the ‘Asian Confluence’, India East Asia, Center. Born in Shillong, a social entrepreneur, educationist, artist and a student of Indian history and international relations, Sabyasachi has had a successful career spanning 12 years in the Silicon Valley, California USA in cutting edge technology, innovation and entrepreneurships in large corporations such as SONY Corp. as well as several successful startups, and holding several patents. He left that to start several social innovation projects in India. He pioneered a unique leadership program for rural youth of India; a unique model of youth led rural development which was lauded by the World Bank; set up a chain of eighty primary schools using the model of community participation propelled by youth leadership and introduced several innovations in the education. In his current avatar, Sabyasachi continues to facilitate cultural programs, exchange programs, talks, discussions and symposia with scholars and leaders of culture and thought, from India and abroad. He holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering with special paper in Media and Communication from Arizona State University, USA.


Masters in Electrical Engineering