Bamboo Grove


It is said that the Buddha often used to meet disciples under a bamboo grove. Bamboo is known for its lightness, yet strength and resilience. Drawing inspiration from these facets, the Asian Confluence Bamboo Grove Events are a series of programs promoted to empower and enable Third Space interactions using the platform of culture. The Asian Confluence center hosts a regular calendar of cultural programs under the banner of “The Bamboo Grove Events”. They aim to bring together diverse groups together in a culturally charged atmosphere to interact and comment on various forms of art, performances and expressions that align with the themes and focus areas of our action matrix. Bamboo Grove events consist of film showings, cultural performances by both established and amateur artists, lecture- demonstrations of various art forms, exhibitions, art workshops, etc.  They also offer a promotional platform to upcoming artists in an informal environment. The audience typically includes local and eminent people in the field of art and culture, students, connoisseurs and the general public.