ONE: Youth for change

India and its neighbouring countries collectively is one of the most intricately woven diversity hotspots of the globe at the levels of race, religions, art forms, languages, social customs, and bio diversity.  With the emerging geopolitical importance of the region, it is an imperative to create narratives of confluence, prosperity and peace, which can be inclusive and celebrate this diversity. Recognizing that the youth of the region have a particularly important role to play in developing these narratives, engaging with and educating them with a balanced orientation is a critical enabler for peace and prosperity of the region.
With this backdrop, Asian Confluence launched its youth initiative “ONE” in 2013, drawing inspiration from the timeless teachings of the great Indian saint Swami Vivekananda whose message of universal brotherhood is a great beacon of light for the youth of not only India, but the entire globe. Swami Vivekananda’s life and work was one of dynamic action and lucid vocalization of deep and subtle knowledge. His message of celebrating unity in diversity that transcended all barriers of race, region or ism, has been inspiring youth through many generations across the globe and is more relevant today than ever before.
ONE was launched through a mega 5-day celebration marking the 150th birth anniversary year of Swami Vivekananda, comprising of a youth camp, keynote addresses to the youth by eminent personalities and cultural performances by stalwarts from the field of music and dance.  The youth camp, comprising of youth from the entire region laid the foundation of a series of medium to long term effort to train, inspire and galvanize youth energy for development of the region, such that they become initiators and stakeholders of community driven efforts.
Other than specific initiatives targeted at youth, we engage with youth on a continuous basis through our third space conversations, bamboo grove events, training of interns and immersion programs of various universities that the institute is a part of.

Young Scholars Forum

The Young Scholars Forum (YSF) is a collaborative initiative between Asian Confluence Scholars Collective and the Indian Council for World Affairs for new, forward-thinking and dynamic scholars engaged in research and advocacy on Eastern South Asia, drawing on the region’s unique geopolitical significance, economic potential and cultural diversity.
The First Young Scholars Forum was held in December 2015, as a follow up to the “Shillong Consensus” that emanated from the “Shillong Dialogue” held in 2014. Since its inception, YSF has evolved to come up with a definite mandate for itself: that of acting as a “voice of the future” from Eastern South Asia region (comprising of India’s North Eastern states and its eastern neighbours) and to create an engaging youth-driven space for well researched solutions to address the deep-rooted complex issues that affect the region as a whole.
As more immediate objectives, the “Young Scholars Forum” aims at: