Third Space


In a rapidly evolving space of ideas, cultures, politics and commerce, there has been a renewed vigour in engagement among the nation states in forging cooperation and connect. A lot of action to this end has been happening in two spaces: one, led by Governments and two, initiated by Big Businesses. Governments can put in political structures. Big Businesses with government together can take a step forward by putting in economic structures. There is however a Third Space beyond such efforts which needs to be nurtured: that of a Civil Society driven network of indiviuals and communities across the nation states and regions who are votaries for win-win solutions that promote overall balanced economic growth, and ensure security and stability.
The Asian Confluence facililates “Third Space Conversations” that provide a platform for informal and heart-to-heart exchange between peoples of different disciplines and backgrounds, ranging from people of eminence to the individual stakeholder on the ground, from across the region and beyond. The overall aim of the Third Space Conversations is to share thoughts, ideas, differences and solutions to lead to people-to-people connect and collaborations.
The institute hosts Third Space Conversations both at its centre and beyond. The conversations can be on a host of issues ranging from international relations, politics, ecology, natural resources, livelihoods, governance, etc. These conversations are at times on high level diplomatic matters involving policymakers and at other times on very specific localised issue like state of a water body in a community locality involving community members on the ground. The wide scope of the conversations is to help build understanding and discourses on wide-ranging but linked realities and aspects.