Ground Speak







Ground Speak is a platform for those whose voices primarily remain unheard and hence, it seeks to bring out the bottom up narratives and establish a new normal wherein the realities of the ground become the fundamental base for discussions and deliberations on grander stages. Through Ground Speak, Asian Confluence wants to acknowledge the situation and status of individuals who form a small part of the larger whole.

The project aims to cover individuals or/and collectives whose work or activity forms a part of a larger field. 

Episode 1 -  In Conversation with Dr Sosang Longkumer, Founder , Konger Agritech 

Episode 2- In conversation with Mr. Rishiraj, Founder, Agventure 

Episode 3-  In conversation with Prashant Pakhrin, Assistant Director, Information and Publicity, Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Goverment of Sikkim

Episode 4 - In Conversation with Mr Gourav Mohanty, Author, Sons of Darkness

Episode 5- In conversation with Ms. Meomrial on the topic of Women Led Developement Program(WLDP)

Episode 6 - In conversation with Mr Puthut from Indonesia on eco printing and sustianability of fashion industry

Episode 7 - In conversation with Ms. Amrutha N Bhardwaj, Executive Director, Amruth Organic Fertilizer

Episode 8 - In Conversation with Mr Sanyu, Founder, NagaEd, a digital education firm from Nagaland